Digital Transformation Support

Objective: Combine the existing Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement initiatives with Innovation / Agile initiative, achieving a new level of performance and competitiveness (“Scale-up”).
Digital Transformation: phases and priorities

A transformation model conducted to respect the Management and Innovation Models that already exist in the Organization and to prepare the Top Leadership to acquire new skills and behaviors that expedite the Transformation Program.
It can be viewed from a macro perspective and, depending on the focus, from 3 phases that can be shorter or longer, depending on the maturity level of the management and operational excellence model that exists (or not) in the organization:

    • DX 1.0 (Operational Excellence – OPEX) – Greater focus on improving the processes and indicators

    • DX 2.0 (Digital Ecosystem) – Greater focus on structuring an internal department of digital development and/or partnership with third parties through IT

    • DX 3.0 (Business Model) – Greater focus on expanding the transformation to suppliers, clients, employees, sales channels, and the digital products / services that are offered

Involving the Top Leadership while executing the projects and incorporating digital solutions in the Organization’s daily activities to change Business and Culture is an essential part of the entire process, since the new skills and behaviors will be necessary to make sure the implementation and maintenance of the transformation continues to exist.  

Digitalization metrics can be incorporated during the process to show the tactic evolution of the Program. However, the success of the journey will be ultimately determined especially by its impact on the traditional market indicators, such as New Clients, Income, Margin, Service Speed, Client Satisfaction, Market Value, etc.

Creating a (internal and external) digital ecosystem, and doing its governance and financing will be a great step to be determined by the Top Leadership and the shareholders.

And, ultimately, understanding how digital transformation will affect the market and the company’s competitiveness; after all, there seems to be no doubt that we are all going to be affected by the countless possibilities brought by the new technologies.

What role do you want to play in this story: Do you want to play the main role or a secondary role in Digital Transformation?