Privacy Policy

Term of consent for storing and processing personal data in accordance with GDPR

This document seeks to register the free, informed, unequivocal expression through which the owner agrees with the processing of his or her personal data for a specific purpose, in accordance with the Act nº 13,709 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We hereby inform you that we collect your personal data (CPF, Name, Telephone Number, E-mail, Address) for Issuing Invoices, Controlling Sales and Billing, Potential contact regarding the Contracted Training and Submission of Advertisement related to Seta Desenvolvimento Gerencial Ltda. Your personal data will be stored and preserved for an indeterminate period of time; the clients' data are registered in the system and may be anonymized at any time, as long as the client requests it.

You may, at any time:

In case any Safety Incident may cause any relevant harm to the Data Owner, in accordance with GDPR and eventual regulations that may be issued by the National Authority on Data Protection, the Owner must be immediately notified in writing. The notification must contain enough information (at least, description of the incident, date, cause, possible impacts to the Owners, the mitigation measures taken and the next steps) so that eventual requirements enforced by the Laws and Regulations on Data Protection.

Besides, Seta, at its own expense, shall investigate the causes and consequences of the Safety Incident and take the necessary measures to mitigate its consequences, readily informing the Contractor of all the measures taken. It must also keep the register of Safety Incidents, containing at least a description of the nature of the Safety Incident, a description of the consequences of the Safety Incident and the description of the measures taken or proposed by the Contractee to tackle the Safety Incident.

Finally, no information on the Safety Incident shall be made public, unless it is authorized to do it or it is obliged by determination of the Supervising Authorities or by the Laws and Regulations on Data Protection.

The requests and questions on the processing and elimination of your data must be made via e-mail: or by telephone: (19) 3778-9735.

If you ACCEPT the conditions of this Term regarding the storage and processing of your Personal Data, please agree with this notification.