Cultural Transformation Based on the Agile Principles

Providing support to SETA’s clients to apply agile practices, including outside the IT and DIGITAL area

Seta Desenvolvimento Gerencial helps its clients to interpret and apply the Agile Mindset in their whole organizations, even helping them to adapt the main frameworks / rituals / artifacts / metrics outside the Digital / IT area. We develop training and coach the implementation of Projects / Squads / Rituals in the Client’s areas.

One of the great differentials of our work is to help the client bring the agile practices to the Organization, respecting the existing Management and Operational Excellence Models.

We do not see “Agile” as a Revolution, but as an Evolution, in which efficiency and flexibility are harmoniously combined.
For example, we understand that, in the Digital / IT areas, it makes every sense to follow an Agile framework (like SCRUM, Kanban, XP, etc.) more strictly. However, when we take the Agile Thought to other areas, adaptations will be made and the current Management, Operational Excellence, and Innovation Models must be respected.

We believe in the Ambidextrous Company concept: efficient and disciplined with a strong Management Model, but flexible and adaptable to respond to the changes imposed by the clients / market / technology.
Scaled agile outside the IT / DIGITAL area: understand how the Agile mindset can be incorporated to the Organization’s Operational Excellence program
These Programs are known for being requested by companies with a strong Management and Continuous Improvement Model that want to understand how to incorporate the agile rituals and artifacts in the Organization with the assistance of the existing facilitators.
This job includes understanding to which processes / products / services it makes more sense applying the Agile model or, at least, a hybrid model.
Prepare your Organization to know the main agile rituals / artifacts / metrics and how to adapt them to the Organization’s reality.
Where does it take place:
Suzano; Nestlé; Prudential; Kepler Weber; Oi

Agile HR
Support the HR department to align processes, organizational structure, and governance with the agile mindset, generating constant value through your production structure.
Support the redesign of the organizational processes, transforming them into employee journeys using Design Thinking and its tripod: Empathy, Co-creation, and Prototyping.
Create an incremental, iterative environment with short development cycles and a delivery rhythm, always bringing value to the client.

Where does it take place:
Grupo Jacto; Energisa; Arcelor Mittal ; Banco Fibra

Agile Leadership
Support the Top Leadership and the HR department of the company to design an Agile Leadership Program, presenting and developing a strategy to train and develop new Leadership behaviors to create a more flexible and adaptable environment to deal with the constant changes in client wishes / new technologies / market.

What are the new desirable behaviors? How do we prepare the current and future Leadership to incorporate the necessary new skills in this world of increasingly faster and frequent changes?

These are some of the questions Seta - Desenvolvimento Gerencial helps its clients answer. Then it designs a Development and training Model that can be applied in the whole Organization.

Where does it take place:
Syngenta Seeds, Mercedes Benz; Novartis Oncologia; Chubb ; MRS Logística ; GE Healthcare ; Ingredion