Management & Change Management

Objective: Humanize the change process of the organizations, seeing the project from the perspective of the people who will be affected by it, trying to increase the success probability with greater acceptance.

Most Employed Technique: John Kotter’s Model (8 steps)

    • Understand Change / Create a Sense of Urgency
    • Determinate the Participants / Establish Powerful Alliances
    • Create a Vision for Change
    • Invest in Communication / Motivations
    • Empower the base (team)
    • Establish short-term goals
    • Have an implementation rhythm for the actions (we can add mindset and agile execution)
    • Make change become part of the culture / Consolidation
Work plan (SETA’s involvement can be adjusted according to the needs of each client/situation):
  • • Understanding the needs of the affected public
    • Set key success indicators
    • Analysis of personae and interview script
    • Deep Interview (Sample)
    • Holding Workshops with personae
    • Establishing support actions in each one of the eight steps of John Kotter’s model
    • Presentation to the sponsors
    • Support with agile rituals in the implantation process
    • Effectiveness evaluation
Where does it take place:
Wheaton, Grupo Jacto, Banco Fibra, Gerdau