Trainee Programs

Objective: Seta has been helping its clients to develop Leadership programs that help them prepare the future Leaders of the organizations. Long before they are trusted with leadership positions, the professionals trained with SETA’s solution understand what the company in which they work expects from them.

SETA has been working for many years with the development of Trainee programs in several companies of several market segments, in Brazil and abroad. Its language is quite pragmatic, providing examples that can be applied to the challenges we face in the Business world each day. In addition to young professionals, we also develop every leadership level of the company, which allows us to easily navigate in specific scenarios and situations in which we can apply concepts and theories with quite assertion and impact.

The programs involve both technical and behavioral contents, always according to the competences that must be developed on the future leaders, aligned with the organization’s values and purpose.

Seta creates the learning tracks, develops trainings, and monitors the projects developed by the trainees, helping in their evaluation, identifying performance gaps, and developing personal enhancement plans.

Where does it take place:
Suzano, Energisa, Air Liquide, Br Malls, Grupo Elfa, etc.